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includes Commerical  Machine,
Array,   color chart, Waist belt,
40+ pages of a  
Technician Program?? 
80 PH Strips 


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 Instead of writing and publishing a book right now, I decided to be of help for others with this program because I was receiving so many calls from various parts of the Country asking about how to use the machine.  Since some would not have the machines I use, I redirected my thoughts on how to be the best help I could be. After over 3 years of research and a wealth of experience I began to put it together....  

We offer 26 pages of training and valuable information that has been put together for you to be able to professionally start your own business. Research plus experience have proven the Body Cleanse works for all who use it.  You will find some gruesome parasites and worms in the water along with toxins that literally make you sick.  We have knowledge that others cannot possibly have because of our experience, with a retired medical Doctor on board who has explained various things about the body as we share our information about the foot detox body cleanse machine. Together we have been very very successful in bringing people from their walkers to walking, from chairs back to work, from being sent home to die with Cancer, to being Cancer FREE, with documentation by their Oncologist; children from being sick all the time to not sick at all. This process is called Osmosis. Clean out the body and the body heals itself.  Included in this program are pictures showing you what to look for, how to quickly balance the body PH, how to use the different machine settings for success, what cancer really is and much more. This machine will clean the toxins from your blood, kidney's, liver, colon, lungs, inflamation from joints, take swelling from joints, plus we'll tell you how to do it !  After 3 yrs of what I thought had seen it all, yet comes more amazing surprises with the little machine.  It's awesome.. It's amazing... It's rewarding in so many ways.......

FOR BUSINESS OR FOR HOME USE.   We continue to assist you by phone and email to help you with your journey in cleaning up your body.    

This Naturopathy Body Cleanse Machine is for commerical use, therefore producing a thorough cleansing of the entire body.                              

There are lots of machines out there for you to choose from, some will do nothing, some will only  balance the body PH,  but this machine has been proven over and over. If you are serious about doing the right thing, this will be the best deal and offer ever. What we have had to dig out and dig up will be handed to you in a folder. This one will work for you and if you have any problems, we are a phone call away.  So many have been helped around here, it's time for us to share our knowledge and allow you to help others there.    
            Lung Cancer                                  Phaba                                          Child with Phaba
   Thyroid-lymph node cancer           hot-spots on parathyroid             Malignant tumor on spine



         MONO                                                       Cystitis                                        Zanthomatous Pyelonephritis
                 WebbedCancer                                         Parasites/Flukes                                                    Fatty Liver & infection                         

Every disease has an inflammatory response.

Overabundance of toxins in the body lowers the body's PH therefore the kidney's and bowels cannot remove all the toxins as fast as they
build up in  our bodies, then diseases begin to form. 

Modern medicine stated and found me with Multiple Myeloma (bone cancer).   The pain was so excruciating to the point of barely being able
to walk or to get up and down. 

I have a pacemaker and defibrillator, therefore was NOT suppose to detox with the foot bath machine.  However, I knew beyond doubt,  I was
a dying man.  

Various Churches began to pray for me and I made a personal decision that Prayer and the Foot Detox Body Cleanse was my only option.
Prayers were going up and my feet was going in a pan of water with the Naturopathy Body Cleanse.  

I discussed this with the Technician who performs the Foot Bath and explained to her that my pacemaker and heart were OK and this along
with lots of Prayer was my only hope.  

I used to Doctor her when I was in Practice so now was her turn and she made the decision that we would go for it even with a pacemaker. 

My first detox (in early May 2014) I had relief of some of the pain.  Next few detoxes, my pain was gone and I was walking much better. 
I had a leison on my spine and my 2 vertabraes  were crushing.  

During these detoxes, I was going to an Oncologist for confirmation and had decided to let them do 2 or 3 Chemo treatments on me.
After 3 and 1/2 weeks, I went to take my first Chemo treatment and another test and to everyone's surprise, the cancer had regressed to 
pre-cancerous stage.  The Doctor, my daughters and I were all overwhelmed.  I did not need Chemo. 

I have continued my foot bath detoxes and went back to doing whatever I want to do. I feel good now. 

I will forever be Thankful to God for answering many prayers and for this amazing Body Cleanse Detox Machine. 

Our environment has become so toxic we, the people, are getting more and more diseases and becoming sicker and sicker. 

Dr. E. Gary Hogan 

  The above pictures are just a few of the different  problems that customers are dealing or have dealt with.                                                                                                                                                                           After detoxing, with our machine, they found themselves in much better health.    
  "DON'T DIE EARLY"--  give  your loved ones a gift of a better life. 
 Our customers have documentation from their Doctor's how their health has improved as well  as some diseases have gone away.  
 Zanthomatous Pyelonephritis, for instance, is suppose to be a fatal disease. To the doctor's amazement, the disease has gone away and the person is
 now in good health with good blood work and no more calcium deposits in the organs. By detoxing and keeping the excessive calcium pulled out of the body,
 it could not build up,  destroying tissues, clogging arteries and shutting down organs.   This is the first time known for this to have been defeated.
*these pictures are not to be used without permission of the individual they belong to.





 Don't be fooled by other machines which  tell you nothing, but with  this machine comes all details. We  have "nothing" to hide. The Machine and Program that will WORK for You.  

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